Turnkey PV Systems

NW Solar is now primarily providing turnkey installation* of solar-electric power systems for residences and small businesses in the Eastern Washington area.  These solar-electric systems utilizing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels can be 1) direct grid-tied to the power utility without batteries or 2) grid-tied to power utility with battery backup system or 3)  totally off-grid without connection to an electrical utility company.  NW Solar only uses the highest quality solar and electrical components either made in Washington State or in the USA as a priority.

*Solar Electrical installations requiring an electrical permit is subcontracted to NW Solar’s Partner Electricians or to the customer’s own preferred electrician.

Consulting/Site Survey


NW Solar provides FREE initial consultation to those thinking of implementing a solar energy application. Generally consultations are conducted on the phone or via E-mail.  Contact NW Solar today to ask questions you may have on solar energy.

Site Survey

NW Solar conducts FREE site surveys (within 50 mile radius of Spokane, WA) to evaluate solar energy production potential and installation particulars. Onsite data is collected and used with historical data to produce a written report for the customer.  Contact NW Solar to have a site survey conducted at distances greater than 50 miles from Spokane for a minimal travel charge.

 Custom Applications

NW Solar has the experience and expertise to design and provide complete customsolar-electric systems. Wherever a utility source of electricity is unavailable or undependable a solar-electric source can usually be designed to power that application.   Examples include powering remote communications or sensing equipment, sign lighting or mobile applications on RVs or marine craft.  NW Solar specializes in designing and providing remote Livestock Watering Systems in the Eastern Washington Area.  Contact NW Solar for more information.

Do It Yourself

In Washington State, homeowners have the opportunity to do their own construction and electrical work if all work is permitted and inspected by the overseeing agency.

Many homeowners do not have the tools or skills to do the type of work necessary to install a solar PV system.  Some homeowners do however, and if you have done home construction and electrical type work in the past, then it may be practical for you to install your own solar power system – and save some money in the process.


NW Solar can provide a “Do It Yourself” homeowner with the design plans, electrical wiring diagrams and all necessary solar and electrical equipment to get the job done.

Contact NW Solar for more information on the “Do It Yourself” process and costs.

Electrician Partners

NW Solar works with electrical contractors who provide the permitted electrical work on solar-installations.  NW Solar also is a consultant and supplier to several electrical contractors in the Spokane, Washington and the Pullman Washington areas who are capable of doing total solar system installing.   Please contact NW Solar for more information on Electrician Partners.

Community Outreach

NW Solar actively seeks to reach out to the people of the Inland Northwest by providing educational services to all public and private groups requesting such services. If your school or club is interested in learning about the science and possibilities of solar energy through a lecture or solar home tour then Contact us.

NW Solar will provide certain free professional services to public and charitable organizations such as environmental organizations, public housing authorities and other non-profit groups needing solar energy expertise. Contact NW Solar for more information.