About NW Solar

Northwest Solar is a solar-electric design, consulting, purchasing and installation* business located near Spokane, Washington. NW Solar specializes in the implementation of off-grid and grid-tie alternative power systems for cabins, homes and businesses. Northwest Solar also provides the expertise and equipment needed for custom solar-electric applications such as livestock water pumping systems and remote sign lighting.

John Wiley is the sole proprietor of Northwest Solar and is a Washington registered general contractor (NORTHSE977K9).  Northwest Solar was established in 1999.

John has worked over 30 years in Solar Energy and Environmental Engineering occupations and the last 14 years as owner of Northwest Solar.  John holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.  John and his wife Karen have been living off-the-grid since 1992 in a home they designed and built.

*Solar Electrical installations requiring an electrical permit is subcontracted to NW Solar’s  Partner Electricians or to the customer’s own preferred electrician.

Our Business Philosophy

  • We believe firmly in the current technology and economic benefits of solar energy systems and want customers to be 100 percent comfortable with what they are purchasing before they purchase.
  • We believe that quality of the design, equipment and labor employed is paramount and essential to our businesses continued success.
  • We believe in carefully explaining all options, costs and expected results to the customer and listen to what the customer to confirm an understanding.
  • We stand behind all work with ongoing technical support and an industry unprecedented Energy Production Guarantee

Customer References

Upon request, NW Solar is pleased to provide potential customers with names and contact information of previous customers.  It is also possible to set up tours of existing solar installations.